Queen Jump: Fantasy of the Helix


Let’s dive into our new game with Beautiful Queen and Her fantasy of Helix.

Queen Jump: Fantasy of the Helix is a 3D arcade game where you will meet our beautiful queen discovering the helix world. You will find yourself in her journey where you will help her avoiding dangerous tiles, spikes and harmful tree pieces. Your goal is to collect as many gems as you can so that you can discover and unlock more amazing environments and enjoy the jump on new helix environments. Each time you break your highest score, the queen gets her crown. So in each turn, your goal is to help your queen to get her crown. The Great news is that it is now available FREE for all.


• Jump on the Helix with simple “Swipe left and Right” control
• Awesome real 3D Graphics
• Beautiful Sounds
• 5 Beautiful Helix Environments
• Multiple Beautiful Backgrounds in each environment intended to enhance your gaming experience and pleasure
• In order to make it more exciting, the speed of Jump increases as the queen explore the helix.
• Great News is that you can slow down the speed using the SNAIL feature. You only have to watch a video ad to unlock snail feature.

Overall Queen Jump is a challenging game for both children and adults. Play and feel the pleasure yourself as well as share the pleasure with your friends and family by sharing the game.

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